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Presidential Options

The countdown to general elections has begun. In any third world country there will always be an element of rigging (in the first world also e.g. US Presidential Elections 2000 Florida), the mood of the electorate is unlike that of 2002, the public will not accept any process less than fully fair and transparent. Intelligence agencies that have a compulsive penchant for “s-electing” favorites will find their effectiveness vastly limited in the prevailing environment, mass manipulation on the scale witnessed earlier is not possible, even “judicious” injecting of funds will invite a very strong street reaction. Those who break the law in the conduct of fair polls should expect to be prosecuted under those laws. The ability of civil servants and the police to locally influence elections in their area of responsibility must be (but probably can’t be) curbed. Mandatory statutory punishments for those trying to desecrate the electoral process will act as a deterrent. To those given unlawful commands to rig the electoral process, there is only one advice, “Just Say No!”.