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Clearing NAB’s Webs

Brilliant Aitzaz Ahsan will go down in legal history as truly one of the outstanding practitioners of law in Pakistan. Shoring up his remarkable legal acumen by painstaking research carried out along with his legal aides much before he enters a courtroom, his presentation is incisive and analytical, delivered in a voice that is hardly ever raised, bass in content rather than treble. Having no time for histrionics, the calm demeanour and attitude reflects an inner confidence impressing friends and foes alike. A tremendous asset to the PPP, not only a credible, seasoned politician but an effective, functioning lawyer, his submissions before the Supreme Court (SC) recently about the provisions of the extremely draconian National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Ordinance were concise and logical. Senior legal counsel representing other clients were no less in stature, among them Akram Shaikh, Abdul Hafeez Pirzada, Basit Ali, etc. To hold one’s own among such talent is impressive by itself, to stand out among this gathering of legal eagles is remarkable.

Despite agreeing with many of Aitzaz’s legal submissions (and those of the others) the SC detailed 372 page judgment did not find NABO ultra virus of the Constitution. Chief Justice Irshad Hassan Khan is a genuine Solomonic surprise, his well-thought out and pragmatic legal presentations is doing much to mend the tattered reputation (audio-tapes, etc) of the superior judiciary, case by case, a slow but deliberate process. The balanced judgements are rebuilding the confidence of not only the Pakistani populace but interested foreign observers as to the fairness of the judicial state of the nation.