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Ordered by Musa Bin Nusayr, the Governor of the muslim provinces of North Africa under the Umayyad Caliph Al-Walid-I, to conquer the Visigothic Kingdom in Hispania (Spain), Tariq Bin Ziyad crossed over from Morocco to mainland Europe on or about April 19, 711. Reinforced by an additional 5000 soldiers from Musa consisting mostly of recent converts to […]



The first day of a recent meeting of the “Partnership Against Corruption Initiative” (PACI) of the Geneva-based World Economic Forum (WEF) discussed among other subjects, “Communicating the Anti-corruption Message,” “High Priority Compliance Challenges” and “Collective Action”, and on the next day, “Global Threats and Trends” and “National and Regional Perspectives on Anti-Corruption” (my contribution as one of the speakers).



Most politicians can be economical with the truth even at the best times. With Khursheed Shah shedding crocodile tears in the Joint Session of the National Assembly about the PM buckling under pressure from the Army and the resultant threat to “democracy”, Mian Sahib crossed the failsafe line that an awakened public is now increasingly not likely to tolerate between truth and falsehood. “Sotto voce” a solemn-faced PM categorically denied requesting the Army for mediation to defuse the political standoff and assured the House about upholding the Joint Parliamentary Resolution supporting the Constitution in letter and spirit.



Smashing more than half a dozen vehicles parked around the Minhajul Quran Secretariat on June 17 in Model Town Lahore under the rather benign patronage of the Punjab Police, the man who perpetrated the vandalism refuses to go away from the public eye. Ahsan Rana’s blog says that with 10,000 plus downloads of a game worded ‘Gullu’, the term may likely become a part of the Oxford Dictionary standing for the disruptive behaviour of someone enjoying (whether explicit or implicit) backing of the ruling/powerful segments of society. When anyone is threatened or harmed by the powerful figures in Pakistan and/or their cronies, their lackeys perpetrating that violence are now being referred to as ‘Gullus’, its usage needs no further explanation, being properly encoded and decoded by the public.