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Target the Corrupt

What good is a Constitution that does not prevent the unscrupulous from looting the till? For a man whose children remain hungry, sick and uneducated, it is a meaningless piece of paper. The moral obligation to the downtrodden makes it incumbent for those in power to have the courage to use the authority vested in them to prevent corruption, otherwise they are as much culpable as those involved.


A Genuine Hero

According to a handout accompanying an excellent stamp taken out by the Pakistan Post Office (PPO) commemorating the re-naming of PAF Base Mianwali, MM Alam was “Top Gun of his own class, war hero, a committed professional, scholar par excellence, a patriotic Pakistani, an icon and a role model not only for the PAF airmen but for aviators across the globe.” Born on July 6, 1935 in a well-educated family of Calcutta, his father was a senior civil servant posted in Bihar. The family migrated to Dhaka, East Pakistan after 1947.


A Window of Opportunity

The TTP has been insisting till very recently that they represented all the groups committing terror in Pakistan. Only when the terrorist acts continued unabated after the negotiations started that the TTP (and their vocal sympathizers) changed tack and started distancing themselves from the sporadic violence. Even then only proforma regret was expressed. It took over a month for Maulana Samiul Haq to deny ever hearing of “Ahrar ul Hind”. There is certainly an indirect link and even worse, tacit encouragement.


Blowback Mountain

The major problem facing this country is the vacillation of the govt in dealing decisively with the terrorists because (1) fear of blowback in the urban areas if there is any major counter-insurgency operations in the mountains and (2) some terrorists groups in the Punjab have loose links with influential political elements, they not only fear their presence in their constituencies but depend upon them for their electability. Both assumptions are only partially correct. The terrorists’ sleeper cells in the urban areas can cause both human and material damage, with the counter-insurgency operations being successful this capacity has diminished considerably, and will be further depleted when our troops go into North Waziristan. While blowback is a distinct possibility, the extent of collateral damage will not be in keeping with the claim of the TTP, this canard is only force-multiplied in the public mind by their supporters and apologists having good media access. No civilized society can allow such abhorrent people, who foment anarchy just to create sensation and increase their viewer coverage, time and space in the media.



The recent Islamabad attack highlights the fact that the TTP either, viz (1) has no control over most of its 30 plus factions (and certainly not on the 60 or so ones criminally inclined but existing under the cover name of TTP), or worse (2) is deliberately ignoring the obvious militancy of groups not under […]