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The Davos Challenge

This is the DAVOS week, the Annual Summit of the World Economic Forum (WEF). The 20th such event as a Founding Member, my first visit to Davos was in Jan 1993 as part of the delegation accompanying the then PM, Mian Nawaz Sharif. WEF was then not so strict about allowing non-members permission to take part in WEF events.



No Army in the world can stand by and tolerate continuing bad or criminal governance or both. The application of the doctrine of necessity does become necessary sometimes in unambiguous circumstances of “clear and present danger” to the existence of the State, it goes wrong when those that apply it forget that their role is limited, to support technocrat governance for a short period and not become part of it. Because armies of the world are not equipped for governance, beyond a certain period they overstay their welcome and because of the ambitions of a few become an occupation force by default, with adverse results for their image among the public.


What Remains Sacred?

Spurning advice across the board not to return to Pakistan and face a myriad number of legal problems, Musharraf successfully managed by default to put the Army as a whole into the dock. Musharraf and his close aides, Lt Gens Mahmood, Aziz, Usmani, etc committed an “offence against the State” in Oct 1999.   Condoned by […]


A State of Hypocrisy

What a travesty that Zardari, on Benazir’s death anniversary, should call former President Pervez Musharraf a “Billa” (tomcat) – one of those that come along and “drink all the milk”. While one could disagree with Pervez Musharraf on any number of counts (including the NRO that permitted Zardari another go at Pakistan’s treasure chest), Musharraf is not a thief.
Musharraf’s riposte about ascertaining which ‘Billa’ drank the most ‘milk’ was, therefore, most appropriate. The irony is that Zardari, who is normally liberal with the truth, should so brazenly taunt, by inference, the Pakistan Army. His PR types tried damage control by calling his remarks “allegorical”. Allegorical indeed!


The State of Insecurity

To trace the origins of insecurity in Pakistan we must study both the natural and contrived deficiencies in our social, political and economic sectors. Ethnic and religious strife have not only morphed but become further complicated by ruthless terrorist activity. Unfortunately partisan and parochial viewpoints from both sides of the spectrum tend to be counter-productive in seeking practical long-lasting solutions for a very human problem.