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The Hardest Day

With the 18 Div failing to create the necessary breakthrough in the Rajasthan Desert to exploit, the 33 Div’s mission was drastically changed. We (initially HQ 33 Div and 60 Bde only) were ordered on Dec 7, 1971 to move post-haste from our concentration area in Tarinda near Rahimyar Khan to reinforce the 18 Div’s beleaguered 55 Bde at Chor and Umerkot in the Thar Desert 400 miles south.


Changing the Mindset

A mindset is a set of assumptions that everyone develops throughout their lives and become so established that people or groups continue to adopt or accept prior behaviours, choices, or tools of those within the same mindset without question. As an incident of a person’s philosophy of life mindset can be powerful, having the ability to control, persuade and even hold us back from doing or achieving things in life.


Change in Guard

As his closest professional confidante, the choice of Chief of the General Staff (CGS) is usually a strong indicator of the Army Chief’s preference for a successor. Passing him over for CGS for (than) Lt Gen Rashad Mahmood. Kayani appointed Lt Gen Haroon Aslam as Chief of Logistics Services (CLS). Junior to Rashad, (than) Lt Gen Raheel Sharif was rumoured to be slotted by Kayani for the more senior (than COAS) post of Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (JCSC). Not comfortable with Kayani’s recommendations and/or for reasons only in the realm of speculation, it suited the Sharifs to go with seniority instead. The PM appointed Rashad Mahmood the Chairman JCSC and Raheel Sharif the COAS.