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National Security Strategy – Part – II

Today’s Pakistan is not the nation the Quaid-e-Azam created it to be. We have been laid low by the bankruptcy of the policies we follow, under pressure internationally from forces with vested interests and under attack domestically by the forces of evil – which includes both religious bigotry and deviancy.


National Security Strategy – Part 1

National security is divided into state security and societal security. The former is based on territorial security, the latter centred on identity. Globalisation has led to vanishing frontiers and, thus, weakening of territorial security, with identities far more exposed and threatened. The new currency of national security is economics. A weak economy means poverty and misery for the people.


Countering Terrorism

The many reasons why Pakistan is now the “ground zero” of terrorism are well known, it is mostly our own fault for giving this menace time and space. We allowed others to fight their proxy wars on our soil, even worse we actively collaborated in fighting their proxy wars. Negotiations are part of the “soft sell” mechanism to counter terrorism, both the government and opposition are on the same page on this. This must be within the framework of the Constitution with no ambiguity about what to talk about and whom to talk with. Appeasement is not an option, the militants have been single-mindedly vicious targeting mosques, schools, hospitals, funerals, etc, the innocent blood of many old men, women and small children is on their hands.