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What Lies Ahead

An imperfect electoral exercise copied from western models, our democracy has very little relevance to the local environment or the ‘genius of the people’. The ‘first-past-the-post-system’ does not ascertain the real majority, the ‘run-off’ measure does. Negating ‘proportional representation’ bedevils good governance.


Tragedy Waiting to Happen

However security guards were involved, therefore one must look at all the aspects of personal protection afresh, particularly when it involves the security and safety of important persons. There are a lot of books and material about security protection, unfortunately most of these are written by those who have learnt their security as a subject in a classroom and have never put theory into practice. While personal protection is a specialised subject, security professionals are very reluctant to disclose details about the nature and modus operandi of their job mostly because of the confidential nature of their business; at most times they are prevented by law and the rules governing their employment.


All-weather Friends

Visiting China is a never ending revelation, the amazing 7.7% growth rate in a sluggish global economy is considered “disappointing”. Of China’s 31 Provinces, Guangdong has the highest GDP, US$ 960 billion with a growth rate of 8.2% while Tibet lags behind lowest with 12% growth rate and a GDP of US$ 11 billion. Guizhou Province has the highest growth rate 12%, bordering Pakistan vastly underdeveloped Xinjiang is 25th at US$ 121 billion and a 12% growth rate. The expanse of the two bustling ever-growing mega cities of Beijing or Shanghai, not counting the two dozen cities or more well on their way to becoming, is truly outstanding with enormous public infra-structure delivering efficient services to its citizens.


Statesmanship Or Gamesmanship?

More than 150 lost their lives in the run-up to the elections and on election day itself, scores were injured. Despite fear and intimidation, by lining up to vote the populace signalled their readiness to be stakeholders in the destiny of the nation and willing to confront the challenges. PTI’s Chairman Imran Khan made an emotional appeal to the people to go out and vote for change. Vote for change it certainly is, the ruling coalition parties that have driven Pakistan literally into the ground are now an “endangered species”, but the voters played safe, favouring the steady experience of Mian Nawaz Sharif instead of the charismatic Imran Khan.


Countdown to Salvation

Notwithstanding PPP and ANP desperately trying to avoid impending rout by delaying the electoral process, approximately 86 million people will be eligible to decide the country’s fate on Saturday May 11, 2013. Kayani put to rest widespread doubts by reiterating the army’s commitment supporting the election schedule, 70000 troops fanning out to deploy in sensitive areas. 35 million voters of the 80 eligible (about 44%) exercised their right in 2008. Alongwith fake degrees a greater number of votes (37 million, 46%) being bogus and/or duplicate undermined the credibility of the “elected” Assemblies and served to show the disfigured face of our “democracy”. These “anomalies” have now been removed, to an extent. Given the ineffectiveness of the due diligence conducted by the ECP, these frauds will be soon be back in Parliament.


Electoral Surprise

Other than the “electables” of the feudal kind, every Province has its own ethnic, racial and sectarian electoral dynamics, our extremely defective “first past the post” system force-multiplies the problems of governance. Out of the nearly 35 million cast in 2008 (out of nearly 85 million) PPP got a little more than 10 million i.e. […]