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Reshaping Economic Security

In the backdrop of the Afghanistan conflict and the upheaval in Syria, the 9th Worldwide Security Conference organised by the East West Institute (EWI) in Brussels, in collaboration with the World Customs Organisation (WCO), brought together around 300 policymakers, business persons and public-opinion leaders from all over the world. The event was held with the objective of brainstorming issues of economic security in the region, with particular focus on the energy-water-food nexus. The withdrawal of Nato troops from Afghanistan by 2014 is bound to have a profound impact in the region and present significant challenges and opportunities, leadership changes taking place along with new thinking presents a unique opportunity to expand networks, break down barriers and face the challenges with concerted commitment.


Hard and soft power

A key element of leadership, soft power, is meant to attract to get others to want what you want, to frame the issues, to set the agenda – and has its roots in thousands of years of human experience. Power has never flowed solely from the barrel of a gun; even the most brutal dictators […]


US Presidential Stakes

Even though most cannot really explain why, who the US President will be seems to really matter to the rest of the world.   The US Presidential Debates therefore excite much interest, many more outside the US see them within the US.  A young buoyant John Kennedy got the better of a seemingly tired Richard Nixon […]



What a difference a week and the intervention of mother nature can make! Even after the second and third debates, both of which he dominated, the third quite convincingly, Obama was still unable to stem the “Romney-surge” that developed menacingly against him in early Oct after he had seemed to sleepwalk through the First US Presidential Debate. Even though he put his campaign officially “on hold”, the God-given opportunity for Obama to simply do his daytime job acting Presidential allowed him national visibility beyond compare, “Sandy” hamstrung Romney from equivalent primetime campaigning for three crucial days when he badly needed to maintain his momentum. Hurricane “Sandy” did considerable material damage in many of the States it made landfall, politically it slowed down the Romney tide. More importantly, during times of crisis Americans always unite behind their President.