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Archive for May, 2012

A Culture of Deception and Hypocrisy

Sustaining a fairly active monarchy with all its inherent pomp and show, the British system of “democracy” is a contradiction to the theoretical concept of one man-one vote where all power belongs to the people. Democracy without good governance is a farce, adherence to the concepts of governance and the rule of law in the UK can be selective. The perception of honesty, integrity and fairplay is only a smokescreen circumvented at will “on as required” basis. The ongoing Enquiry being conducted by Justice Leveson focussing on the cosy relationship between David Cameron’s government and the Murdoch media empire’s bid for the Satellite Broadcasting Company SkyB exposes this blatant hypocrisy at the very heart of the British system.


The Afghanistan Endgame

Trying to muddle way out of another unpopular war and loath to concede defeat, US and NATO have been racing against time to build an Afghan army able to fend for itself after 130,000 US and ISAF troops pull out in 2014. The final transition phase, involving handing over responsibility for provinces and districts to […]


The ‘Haqqani’ Network

Erstwhile phone buddies Husain Haqqani and Mansoor Ijaz have amply proven each other to be dubious characters, such people have a recurring habit of falling out. The truth about Memogate’s sponsors notwithstanding, the motivation was primarily to bring the Pakistani security establishment to heel, the ultimate goal being to “de-nuke” Pakistan. Mansoor Ijaz being a […]


The French Connection

The dramatic electoral changes in Europe will likely effect other countries of the world, more because of France than Greece, and for different reasons. The two “left of centre” French Presidential candidates who could not survive the first round both endorsed François Hollande, rabidly Conservative Marie Le Pen did not support either. The close vote, Hollande 51.9% and Sarkozy 48.1%, meant the Conservative vote still went to Sarkozy but was not enough. Notwithstanding the Conservative govt in UK surviving the Local Council elections, the swing back to Labour, down and out only a couple of years ago, was a huge setback for PM David Cameron, both politically and personally. An emerging force to be reckoned with in the future, the Liberal Democrats were dragged back to the past. The common factor, in France, Greece or in the UK, those on the “left of centre” had reason to be more than satisfied.


The State of Limbo

Yusuf Raza Gilani’s imprisonment on a contempt of court charge lasted a little over 30 seconds, the conviction was enough to set off a legal and political firestorm. Gilani’s defiance is pure political bluster, he will be history sooner rather than later. With his legal status as PM in limbo, Pakistan also remains in a state in limbo. Clearly not comfortable or his usual confident self, Aitzaz Ahsan is going through the motions expected of him as Gilani’s defence counsel. Grappling with one’s conscience as opposed to the responsibility towards one’s client is always a lawyer’s dilemma. Once a client’s brief is accepted, notwithstanding any reservations about duty towards a client being in conflict with moral convictions, the counsel must staunchly plead the case of the client, or at least make a credible pretense of doing so.