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Today at Davos

Despite dire predictions about continuity as PM due to the unbecoming shooting off his mouth that has left even his coalition allies aghast, Yusuf Raza Gilani is gracing the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Summit 2012 at Davos, coincidentally the man who could well replace him in the future as the PM of Pakistan is also in town. The Davos Summit is mostly participated in by leading world celebrities in govt, business or industry, academics, NGOs, sports, philanthropy, entertainment, media, etc. Imran Khan has been invited in his own right by the WEF. At least 75-100 Heads of State or Government come to the Summit, many countries send their Foreign, Finance, Trade ministers etc. Pakistan has been represented by the President or the PM for over 20 years, in 2010 Gilani came to DAVOS as the PM. Asif Ali Zardari declined his turn in 2011. No second guesses about the US$ 60 million question as to why Switzerland is a no-go area for our President.



Facing (with some resilience) the tribulations of an unforgiving world that believes in perceptions more than in fact, Pakistanis complicate this further by living in a dreamworld of their own making. Endlessly bemoaning all our woes and failings, both contrived and real, we debate with both conviction and emotion how to mitigate their effects on our lives as well as on the destiny of the nation, what stops us from taking the remedial measures necessary?