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Notwithstanding vindication of Imran Khan’s claim that his Oct 30 Minar-i-Pakistan rally would be a political “Tsunami”, his rather brash prediction about Dec 25 at the Quaid’s Mazar being much bigger evoked skepticism. Conventional wisdom did not think a rally on the scale of Lahore possible, after all Karachi is generally considered “MQM territory”!   With […]



The Supreme Court (SC) having given notice to several respondents in the Manzoor Ijaz – Haqqani Memo issue, the govt resorted to its usual ploy of attempting to frustrate the course of justice.  The first salvo was Dr (??) Babar Awan’s vitriolic attack on Tariq Khosa, appointed by the SC as a one-man Commission to […]


Crying Wolf?

The compulsions for survival has driven our leaders over the past decade to allow the US-Pakistan relationship to gradually degenerate into a master and slave status. Pakistan is now subjected to various insults across the board periodically, in the past year motivated vilification of the Pakistan Army and the ISI by key US public officials has become a regular affair. To add injury to the never-ending insults, 24 of our soldiers were brutally murdered by the strafing of four US helicopter gunships, most of them died in the first attack while asleep. While the borders may not be well marked, the map reference coordinates of our position at Salala 2 kms well inside Pakistan were well defined, US and NATO violated standard operating procedures (SOPs) governing coordination with Pakistan.