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Roadmap for Afghan Peace

Preceding Hillary Clinton’s visit to Pakistan, the US had two very widely differing objectives, viz (1) to deliver a final wake-up call for Pakistan’s military and its intelligence services and (2) attempt damage control to save the rapid deterioration in the US-Pakistan relationship in the aftermath of Mike Mullen’s effectively fingering of the ISI as being complicit with the Haqqani network in the recent attack on the US Embassy in Kabul, he labeled the Haqqanis as being “a veritable arm of the ISI”.


The “American Fall”

From a ragged mob in downtown Manhattan, the “Occupy Wall Street“ (OWS) movement has swept across the length and breadth of the US, ranging from Miami to Seattle, in only a couple of weeks. Thousands have been converging daily on New York’s financial district, the original raucous group being increasingly joined by many unions and their workers. Unlike the early days when about 700 demonstrators trying to cross Brooklyn Bridge were arrested by New York’s “finest”, the police are reluctant to use excess of authority, prime TV would give even more impetus to the protest. “Fall”, as Autumn is known in the US, is a most beautiful season heralding an explosion of colours in the trees. Paraphrasing John Steinbeck’s, “The Winter of our Discontent”. the “American Fall” is the American version of the “Arab Spring”, No pun about the “Fall” intended!


The French Agosta subs and Karachi-Gate affair

On May 2002, eleven French submarine engineers and four Pakistanis were killed in a car bomb attack in Karachi next to the Sheraton Hotel, this was blamed on Al-Qaeda terrorists. Not many people remember that the entire New Zealand Cricket team, staying in the Pearl Continental opposite, was about to board a bus to the […]


Security Measures in Southwest Asia

As foreign forces plan their exit from Afghanistan, one can question whether they achieved what they had set out to do and if not, as is the case, how will the world cope with unresolved mode of political governance and bilateral conflicts, migration and energy security as well as the concerns of nuclear weapons proliferation? The challenges involve linking the diverse nations economically and geo-politically, collective and collaborative action being crucial to enhancing security.