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City Government

In theory we have city governments, fallacy is the practice as they have no real powers, their only role restricted to ceremonial window dressing, the real authority being wielded by bureaucrats appointed by the Provincial Governments. While we hold out for democracy in every form, the negation of that at the basic urban level is a great incongruity that needs to be urgently resolved. If we are to come to grips with the problems besetting the common citizen, then we must allow their duly elected representatives to take decisions at their own level concerning their welfare rather than it should be imposed upon them by proxy, the same fiat that has been bestowed by the people at the Federal and Provincial level needs to be exercised without restraint at the grass-roots.


The Singapore example

In today’s modern world with its excellent communications, being an important crossroads of the world’s sea lanes is not enough for economic prosperity. If this were true, many other strategic locations all over the world would get greater priority from commerce. This is further aggravated when handicapped by a total lack of raw material, to the extent of being dependant also upon fresh water supply on another nation. In what can be perceived to be a bleak overall economic landscape, the emergence of Singapore as a major economic force is an important reference point, an object lesson for Third World planners, the total utilisation of human ingenuity in a pragmatic manner to create a society which attracts commerce from all directions. Within the proximity of emerging South East Asian nations, all abundantly endowed with natural resources, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei and to a lesser extent, Philippines, Singapore’s pre-eminent commercial position has been quite an achievement.