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Scandal time

The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Hakim Ali Zardari, has confirmed what the general public has suspected for some time, widespread nepotism and corruption has been endemic in Government. He has unleashed a barrage of well documented accusations pertaining to misdemeanour, essentially over the past two decades. Mr. Zardari has taken on the mantle of the public’s avenging angel, given that accountability is the dream of the masses he is on the right track. James Reston has said that “Government is the only vessel that leaks at the top”. Any time that malfeasance is disclosed at the highest quarter, albeit the requirement is that it should be done in a non-partisan manner, it is to be commended, repeatedly and without inhibition. The high-minded ideals of his office places a responsibility on Mr. Zardari however, precluding retaliation by using the trappings of his present status and position to answer personal attacks. Mr. Zardari must not be seen to be provoked in getting his own back.

The fact that Hakim Ali Zardari has been a moneyed man all his life protects him to an extent from counter allegations. To deny him and his son, the PM’s husband, their individual status as wealthy businessmen would be a travesty of fact, they do not cease to be citizens with fundamental rights just because Asif Zardari is married to Ms Benazir. As legitimate businessmen with intelligent investments, ownership of prime real estate and developments thereof well-documented, it is to be believed that their wealth expansion has been legitimate uptil now. Their effort over the years to increase their wealth falls well within the purview of entrepreneurship, they could have well lost all of it also. Given the teachings of our religion encouraging free enterprise, one cannot also negate the essence of the very democracy that we are busy espousing, the right to earn money through one’s own efforts. True, being the PM’s husband, Asif Zardari will be subject to public cynosure extraordinary and it is within the scheme of things that his present and future dealings will be examined minutely to ensure that they remain fair and above reproof, it can be singularly frustrating but those are the sacrifices one has to endure due to a high public profile. In more ways than one he has to come out squeaky clean, he owes this not only to his present status but also to the supreme national interest in seeing that his wife, the PM, succeeds in the extraordinary mission entrusted to her by the nation, this nation cannot afford that her image is tarnished in any manner.