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Zulfikar Ali Bhutto


To his credit Mian Nawaz Sharif opened up the economy during his first stint as prime minister, he has exceptional ability as an entrepreneur to do much more for the country. Many, including myself for a number of years, had vested very high hopes in him. Unfortunately instead of opposing Zardari tooth and nail for his blatant corruption, he seems to have made a “Faustian” bargain with him this time around.



To obtain power, politicians tend to make a lot of promises but most of them can hardly be kept. In a feudal society, populism is simply a means to an end. A gullible populace can be faulted for being taken for a ride, again and again, and mostly by the same lot. For all its claims about democracy, the UK is no different.


Countdown to Salvation

Notwithstanding PPP and ANP desperately trying to avoid impending rout by delaying the electoral process, approximately 86 million people will be eligible to decide the country’s fate on Saturday May 11, 2013. Kayani put to rest widespread doubts by reiterating the army’s commitment supporting the election schedule, 70000 troops fanning out to deploy in sensitive areas. 35 million voters of the 80 eligible (about 44%) exercised their right in 2008. Alongwith fake degrees a greater number of votes (37 million, 46%) being bogus and/or duplicate undermined the credibility of the “elected” Assemblies and served to show the disfigured face of our “democracy”. These “anomalies” have now been removed, to an extent. Given the ineffectiveness of the due diligence conducted by the ECP, these frauds will be soon be back in Parliament.


Nationalizing “Bundoo Khan”

World War 2 sustained communism far beyond the 50 years it should have gone on its own momentum, the impetus of that war acting as a “manufacturing force-multiplier” for the socialist economy. As it is Communist China chose economic emancipation in the mid 70s under Deng Tsao Peng, President Jiang Zenin nailing the coffin of its socialist ideology last October by allowing free enterprise entrepreneurs officially into the Communist Party. By the late 60s it had been clear that the romantic notions of socialism that the leaders of independent third world States newly created in the 50s was seriously flawed. Saddled by an inefficient and indolent public sector which was into railways, telecommunications, water projects, electricity, sewerage, etc but flanked by socialist ideologues like JA Rahim and Dr Mubashar Hussain, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto plunged Pakistan into three decades (and still counting) of economic wilderness by his nationalization-binge of the early 70s.