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Hussain Haqqani

Why Break the Relationship? (Part 2)

The Nov 26, 2011 Salala incident when 24 Pakistani soldiers were killed on an attack by US Apache helicopters, an AC-130 gunship and two F- I5E fighter aircraft on two Pakistani border outposts capped a hard six months after Osama Bin Laden was disposed off in a US raid on his secret hideaway in Abbottabad […]



Facing (with some resilience) the tribulations of an unforgiving world that believes in perceptions more than in fact, Pakistanis complicate this further by living in a dreamworld of their own making. Endlessly bemoaning all our woes and failings, both contrived and real, we debate with both conviction and emotion how to mitigate their effects on our lives as well as on the destiny of the nation, what stops us from taking the remedial measures necessary?


The Merchants of Disinformation

Aspate of advertisements from both the major political groupings, the PPP and the PML (N) have started to appear in the newspapers. A list of promises are contained in the messages being beamed at the citizens, the constant refrain of the pledges made are that they will be fulfilled. Nawaz Sharif delivers, Ms Benazir also delivers! Negative advertising has still to make its appearance but what is appearing in the media is more eloquent, a titanic struggle at spreading disinformation about each other. Notwithstanding the electoral battle, the stakes are enormous for those engaged in the business of it, if their principal candidates win they will be in line to roam the corridors of powers as Senators, Federal Ministers, Special Assistants, Advisors etc.