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Planning for Rainy Years

A griculture and land resources formed the major production factors in the US before the American Civil War. Though there has been a gradual reversal of roles thereafter, the predominant industrial base of the NORTH ground the vast agriculture strength of the SOUTH into ultimate submission in a war of attrition. What was true of the USA in a domestic quarrel more than a century ago has become true on a global scale as the industrial NORTH draws the largely agricultural SOUTH deeper into debt and financial apocalypse. As a symbolic manifestation of how things were meant to be, the American Civil War proved a definite point. The economy in the US is now firmly dominated by industry though US agriculture products continue to set the pace in the world market even today. Whatever may be the ills of the US economy, a combination of industry and agriculture makes it the giant locomotive that acts as a yoke for most of the economies of the rest of the world. So sensitive has the world become to any hiccups in the US economy that friend and foe alike ardently desire that no devastation a la 1929 overcomes it. Critics and cynics abound in plenty, all disparaging the US in many ways, particularly decrying many perceived ills of the economic sector, but all of them have a vested interest in the continuing good health of the US economy. The repeated crop failures in the Communist world make the COMECON countries particularly vulnerable in the ultimate irony of life in today’s times.