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The bankruptcy of our policies has put us under pressure internationally from disparate forces with vested interest. Domestically, this only multiplies the effect of the constant attack by the forces of evil, their appetite for loot and plunder not yet satiated after more than half a century. The recent set of political, economic and diplomatic crisis having created a near critical condition, one must examine the failure of the mechanics of governance and take remedial measures thereof.


National Security Strategy – Part – II

Today’s Pakistan is not the nation the Quaid-e-Azam created it to be. We have been laid low by the bankruptcy of the policies we follow, under pressure internationally from forces with vested interests and under attack domestically by the forces of evil – which includes both religious bigotry and deviancy.


The Limits of Accountability?

Third World media has a reflex tendency to quietly bemoan its impotence as regards corruption within the bureaucracy. Unlike in the FIRST WORLD, the media’s enthusiasm to do investigative reporting is dampened by an administrative bag of tricks which would put Merlin the Magician to shame. Since the Government’s advertising releases translate into economic survival of the newspapers and magazines, the name of the game normally is that “fools rush in, where angels fear to tread.”