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Curse of Corruption – Part 1

After an inordinate delay Qamar Zaman Chaudhry has been appointed the NAB Chairman. A credible bureaucrat with an impeccable record, he has the right CV. The unfortunate controversy about his appointment could have been avoided by bringing Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI), the third largest party in the National Assembly (NA), into the consultations. The delay underscores […]


Countering Terrorism

The many reasons why Pakistan is now the “ground zero” of terrorism are well known, it is mostly our own fault for giving this menace time and space. We allowed others to fight their proxy wars on our soil, even worse we actively collaborated in fighting their proxy wars. Negotiations are part of the “soft sell” mechanism to counter terrorism, both the government and opposition are on the same page on this. This must be within the framework of the Constitution with no ambiguity about what to talk about and whom to talk with. Appeasement is not an option, the militants have been single-mindedly vicious targeting mosques, schools, hospitals, funerals, etc, the innocent blood of many old men, women and small children is on their hands.


Black Money and Power

Pakistan’s economic position is not in the absolute doldrums because the buoyancy of the parallel black economy is keeping it artificially afloat. Operating independently of the country’s banking system, free from the encumbrances of any taxation, it is a tremendous market force and for some Third World countries a cornerstone for economic survival. Without the liquidity of black money fuelling consumer sales there would be a much bleaker economic picture. It is a bitter medicine without which the body economic would shudder to a halt but is a steep price to pay because it degenerates the morality of our society, weakening the fabric that binds it together.