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Union Council

Local Sefl-Government

Dr Mohammad Mohabbat Khan of the Department of Public Administration, Dhaka University, study on “the functioning of Local Govt in Bangladesh” stands good for most local self-governance in the world, notwithstanding adaptations to suit local conditions. He quotes provisions made in Articles 9, 11, 59 and 60 of the Bangladesh Constitution for administering state affairs to safeguard democratic values and secure economic and social justice at the local level. Similar clauses in the Pakistan Constitution constitute the supreme source of all laws, ordinances and rules relating to the local government system, there being no alternative to facilitate the consolidating of democracy and promoting good governance.


A Concept in Cooperation

The essence of society as we understand it is that it is based on cooperation and understanding between individuals and like-minded groups. Human beings have an inherent penchant to extend help to other human beings and in the ultimate analysis even the basis for Islamic society is mutual cooperation on a comprehensive basis laid down in detail in the Holy Quran. While all this may be natural, the successful harnessing of the cooperative instinct for material benefits and the consolidation of this process along organised, scientific lines is the basis for Cooperative Societies. At the very basics, Cooperatives can be extremely helpful to those that don’t have the inherent ability for either entering into entrepreneurship of any kind or if the ability is there, to expand the scope of its horizons, whether it be in business, industry or in the agriculture sectors. It is an all-inclusive benefit scheme meant mainly for the have-nots of society. Being an agriculture-based economy, Pakistan’s main thrust in the Cooperative field has been in farming and the imperative need to create a suitable monetary system to ensure desperately needed adequate cash flow to the small-unit subsistence farmer.