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21st century

Converting Garbage into Dreams

One of the perennial problems facing the Third World is lack of energy. This translates into FORCE-MULTIPLIER effect down the line contributing to the many miseries of hapless, burgeoning populations. The primary cause of the acute paucity of energy is the absence of durable energy resources, high price of fuel and the determination of western countries to avoid nuclear proliferation by refusing nuclear technology to developing countries. Even if Less Developed Countries (LDC) have energy sources, they may lack the economic resources, the skill and/or the expertise to convert those sources of energy to useful use. The shrinkage of arable land, increasing birth rate and heightened expectations with respect to creature comforts makes it imperative to have enough energy means to maintain the status quo — sounded economic progress remaining in the realm of possibilities only because energy is the locomotive of economics. Our leaders may be well meaning but in the absence of fuel and power, the populist slogans promising the people everything except the moon, remain what they are, figments of imagination meant for vote-getting and are fulfilled partly by well-publicised show-piece efforts designed to dazzle the populace. Without adequate energy there can be no question of translating promises into reality. As industrial output remains below capacity, workers remain idle, their purchasing power going into a flat spin, depressing the whole spectrum of the economy.