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State of the Economy

The business of elections is now past, the nation having delivered its verdict, the important thing now is to knuckle down to the realities of governing a country. In order of priority the first issue to come to grips with is the economy of the country. For a short period of time and till November 19, 1988, the masses were the most important commodity in Pakistan, one week into the post-election process the perceptions of being shrugged off is manifest in the horse-trading confined to a few elected representatives in seemingly smoke-filled corridors and the back-rooms of power. While the political process is one of compromise and any other route leads to disaster, political parties do not have any right to compromise on the commitments made to the electorate.


Politics and Economics

Political affiliations throughout the world are made primarily on the basis of mutual beliefs and economics should normally dominate all other perceptions by a long mile. It is only in South Asia that personalities dominate ideology so much that one has a myriad number of parties with the same election plank. Despite the lengthy manifestos of the various parties, the basic requirements of the people are simple and it involves food, shelter, medicine, education and clothing to start with, the 60’s expectation which brought PPP to power now standing revised by the addition of electricity, water, gas and public transportation to the wish-list, not necessarily in that order. The underlying theme must be that the aforegoing should not only be easily available but economically within reach of the common man. If there is any political party which is not promising all this, they should seek votes on the moon because they are not going to get anywhere in Pakistan.