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Federal Budget circa 1990 – III

The coming Federal Budget exposed Pakistan and the Federal Government to the financial ills inherited from the past, not the least of them being a foreign debt burden of US$ 19 billion with almost US$ 6 billion lying unutilized due to inefficient bureaucratic practices. Already plans for a LONG MARCH on Islamabad post-budget are afoot, it being taken for granted that there will be reason enough to make an attempt to bring the streets into the front-line of the Dump-Benazir campaign (or as it is probably known, Anybody But Benazir (ABB). One does not have to be a soothsayer to predict tragic consequences for the country, encouraging the neutrals, or the Great Silent Majority if you please, to take a “plague on both your houses” attitude. The Federal Government needs to elicit support from all sections of the people to find answers to the problems troubling the economy. It behoves the opposition to respond in kind for the sake of the nation. Let’s not play games with economy, in the end the masses that have voted the governments into power need the elected to tend to the more serious matter of ameliorating their atrocious living standards.