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Year of the Economy

The past year has seen a pragmatic approach to the handling of the economy by the PPP Government, it has succeeded in at least slowing our abysmal slide towards economic apocalypse. Ms Bhutto was voted into power by a mixture of positive and negative support generated by her undeniable charisma, enduring adulation for her late father, widespread resentment against the years of martial law and the economic aspirations of the people fed on populist slogans. However, early on in her administration she modulated the known stance of the PPP manifesto and resorted to judicious airing of populist slogans for mass audiences only. To select audiences mainly entrepreneurs petrified at the memories of the earlier PPP regime’s penchant to nationalise everything in sight, she made known her rightward shift in ideological preferences, sweet manna from heaven for entrepreneurial ears, a shot in the arm for private enterprise.