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Daniel Webster

The Ides of March

After the gyrations of the world economy beginning on Black Monday in October 1987, the world is passing through a relatively calm period. Stocks and shares have rebounded to their previous high levels and the US dollar has hardened against the Japanese Yen and Euro-currencies. All this has been possible due to international cooperation on an unprecedented scale. By the help of massive purchases of US dollars the West Germans and Japanese have halted and reversed further slide of the US dollars against their currencies. Due to the improvement of US export/import figures, the US dollar has been bolstered on the long road to respectability. The markets are no longer volatile though a deep suspicion remains dormant within the whole edifice. There is expectation that after 2 months and right upto the final run-up to the US Presidential election, the US dollar may weaken by as much as 10%. One can only hope that the money soothsayers are wrong because as Daniel Webster has said, “A disordered currency is one of the greatest political evils.”