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Khalid Anwar

Clear and Present Danger

To deal with the situation in Karachi, the PML(N) threw out its own Chief Minister to impose Governor’s Rule. With disorder rapidly descending into anarchy, the Army was brought in “aid of civil power” under Article 245 of the Constitution, Military Trial Courts (MTCs) being set up to deal with cases that qualified as falling under the head of “terrorism”. Military Appellate Courts were set up as a last resort of appeal, two persons whose appeals had been rejected have been hanged. In the meantime the Supreme Court, having been approached to define the legality of a “parallel” judicial system in the country, has suspended the further carrying out of the extreme punishment of death imposed by the MTCs till the case is pending in court is decided one way or the other. With the MTCs “teeth” clamped for the moment, their deterrent effect has been put in suspended animation.