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Highway to Heaven

Mr Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi, Federal Minister for Communications, in answer to a Parliamentary Question during the Question Hour Session of the National Assembly stated that the Islamabad-Lahore portion of the Trans-Pakistan Motorway will cost Rs 23.686 billion for its 339 kilometre length, having a six lane highway with four pavements. The cost per kilometre thus works out to approximately Rs 70 million. An enterprising engineer has worked out that this would come to about Rs 280 per square foot, the cost of construction commensurate to a house being built with moderately luxurious finish and furnishings. At this rate it would certainly be many times costlier than the construction of a similar highway in USA, Japan or any one of the EEC countries, about as much as for a modern aircraft runway capable of taking the heaviest aircraft payloads e.g a fully loaded C-5A Galaxy.