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To his credit Mian Nawaz Sharif opened up the economy during his first stint as prime minister, he has exceptional ability as an entrepreneur to do much more for the country. Many, including myself for a number of years, had vested very high hopes in him. Unfortunately instead of opposing Zardari tooth and nail for his blatant corruption, he seems to have made a “Faustian” bargain with him this time around.



Most politicians can be economical with the truth even at the best times. With Khursheed Shah shedding crocodile tears in the Joint Session of the National Assembly about the PM buckling under pressure from the Army and the resultant threat to “democracy”, Mian Sahib crossed the failsafe line that an awakened public is now increasingly not likely to tolerate between truth and falsehood. “Sotto voce” a solemn-faced PM categorically denied requesting the Army for mediation to defuse the political standoff and assured the House about upholding the Joint Parliamentary Resolution supporting the Constitution in letter and spirit.