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At last count the Peshawar carnage of two days ago numbered 9 teachers and 132 children killed, 141 and still counting.  The incongruous thing is that “Talibaan” translated means “students”, can those who kill our schoolchildren be themselves called Talibaan? They should be called the devils (Shaitans) that they are.  The perverted ideology of such […]


Setting up a Homeland Security Command

One is proud of the will, courage, commitment and sacrifice of our 34th PMA Sri Lankan course-mates, they fought terrorism for over 25 years through Sri Lanka’s darkest period. My good friend Maj Gen (Lucky) Wijayaratne, who when commanding 1st Sri Lanka Light Infantry (SLI) at Panagoda “inducted” me into his battalion, was killed in action. When Prabhakaran and the remnants of his Tamil Tigers were ultimately cornered by the Sri Lankan Army in 2009, the Indian Foreign Minister demanded the offensive be stopped to allow them safe passage. Poised to eliminate the bloody scourge that had turned their island paradise into a hell with the help of India’s Research & Analytical Wing (RAW), the Sri Lankans flatly refused.