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Alouette-3 helicopter

Visting the Perots

The first time I saw Ross Perot Sr was during the graduation of my son Zarrar from Boston University in 1994, the US Presidential Candidate for 1992 was the Commencement Speaker. This day was a high note for me personally, my son Zarrar was graduating “Summa Cum Laude”, topping Boston University in both his Majors, Economics and Political Science. My only regret that day was not being able to shake Ross Perot’s hands personally. Thanks to coordination by Darcy Anderson, Ross Jr’s No 2 in “Hillwood Estates”, and accompanied by the father, Dr Ehsan ul Haq (alongwith his wife Naseem our wonderful host in Dallas) of my son’s best friend Dr Faisal Haq, graduating his college portion from Boston University the same day, it was an honour for us almost 20 years to that day to visit this great 83-year old American. Ross Perot Sr took great pride in personally describing the amazing collection of historical memorabilia in his office in Dallas, Texas.