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Blowback Mountain

The major problem facing this country is the vacillation of the govt in dealing decisively with the terrorists because (1) fear of blowback in the urban areas if there is any major counter-insurgency operations in the mountains and (2) some terrorists groups in the Punjab have loose links with influential political elements, they not only fear their presence in their constituencies but depend upon them for their electability. Both assumptions are only partially correct. The terrorists’ sleeper cells in the urban areas can cause both human and material damage, with the counter-insurgency operations being successful this capacity has diminished considerably, and will be further depleted when our troops go into North Waziristan. While blowback is a distinct possibility, the extent of collateral damage will not be in keeping with the claim of the TTP, this canard is only force-multiplied in the public mind by their supporters and apologists having good media access. No civilized society can allow such abhorrent people, who foment anarchy just to create sensation and increase their viewer coverage, time and space in the media.