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Maulana Abdul Aziz


The recent Islamabad attack highlights the fact that the TTP either, viz (1) has no control over most of its 30 plus factions (and certainly not on the 60 or so ones criminally inclined but existing under the cover name of TTP), or worse (2) is deliberately ignoring the obvious militancy of groups not under […]


Stretching the Truth

Besides the recent dastardly attacks on policemen and Rangers in Karachi, the TTP brutally beheaded 23 Frontier Corps (FC) men in their custody in Afghanistan. Why are we talking to these sadistic murderers when they are not going to stop their atrocities, and more importantly, does their negotiating committee really have the mandate to represent most of the terrorist factions? One does not question TTP’s capability for sporadic violence, particularly against the defenceless, one does question their ability to exercise influence, let alone control, over all the terrorist factions, specially when those with criminal intent far outnumber those with ideological ambitions. They could be telling the truth when they denied the repeated bomb attacks killing and injuring many moviegoers in a Peshawar Cinema.