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General Rashid Mahmood

A State of Hypocrisy

What a travesty that Zardari, on Benazir’s death anniversary, should call former President Pervez Musharraf a “Billa” (tomcat) – one of those that come along and “drink all the milk”. While one could disagree with Pervez Musharraf on any number of counts (including the NRO that permitted Zardari another go at Pakistan’s treasure chest), Musharraf is not a thief.
Musharraf’s riposte about ascertaining which ‘Billa’ drank the most ‘milk’ was, therefore, most appropriate. The irony is that Zardari, who is normally liberal with the truth, should so brazenly taunt, by inference, the Pakistan Army. His PR types tried damage control by calling his remarks “allegorical”. Allegorical indeed!