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Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry


Located in sparsely populated Chagai district in north-western Balochistan and accessible from Quetta-Zahedan highway, Reko Diq has extreme weather ranging from searing summers to freezing winters. High wind and sandstorms demobilises local activities and trade. A large low-grade copper porphyry deposit, Reko Diq has mineral resources totalling 5.9 billion tons of ore with average copper grade 0.41% and gold grade 0.22 g/ton. The economically mineable portion has been calculated at 2.2 billion tons with an average copper grade 0.53% and gold grade 0.30 g/ton.


Who is on Trial in Musharraf Case?

According to both legal opinion and mass public perception, prima facie the case against Gen Pervez Musharraf for treason is legally a “slam dunk”, he is guilty as charged. According to Article 6 the extra-constitutional measures Musharraf used on Nov 3, 2009 to remove the SC judges is “treason”. Will the trial court have the audacity to buck what the Supreme Court (SC), headed by the prime victim of Musharraf’s Nov 3 action, had already declared in 2009 as a “done thing”?