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Public Safety Commission

The State of Insecurity

To trace the origins of insecurity in Pakistan we must study both the natural and contrived deficiencies in our social, political and economic sectors. Ethnic and religious strife have not only morphed but become further complicated by ruthless terrorist activity. Unfortunately partisan and parochial viewpoints from both sides of the spectrum tend to be counter-productive in seeking practical long-lasting solutions for a very human problem.


Public Safety

Having obtained consensus from all the political parties for a dialogue with those terrorists who misusing religion as a platform, the Sharif govt turned its attention to the militant-infested crucially important city of Karachi. Law and order being a provincial subject, the Federal Govt cannot deal directly with the problem without sending the Provincial Govt […]


De-Weaponising Karachi

The Rangers “targetted operation” to restore peace to the city under the direction of the Sindh Govt commenced on a low-key basis, a number of ‘suspects’ taken into custody and some arms and ammunition seized. It remains to be seen whether putting the operation into high gear will make an improvement, the lawlessness continues as […]