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Lal Masjid


The Peshawar APS terrorist atrocity struck an emotional chord through the broad swath of the country, the unspeakable crime against humanity succeeding in what our leaders across the board have failed to do for decades, unite the nation. The mass revulsion for the terrorists themselves and their acts notwithstanding, their known sympathizers came under severe pressure from the public. While from Karachi to Khyber spontaneous tears filled millions of eyes, Lal Masjid’s Abdul Aziz refused to condemn the heinous crime. Civil society’s daily vigil in front of Lal Masjid forced this hypocrite into making a contrite apology. Can anyone preaching violence under the name of religion be tolerated as a preacher?


What Remains Sacred?

Spurning advice across the board not to return to Pakistan and face a myriad number of legal problems, Musharraf successfully managed by default to put the Army as a whole into the dock. Musharraf and his close aides, Lt Gens Mahmood, Aziz, Usmani, etc committed an “offence against the State” in Oct 1999.   Condoned by […]


Musharraf Under Siege

Whether for the good of the country or for selfish reasons to save himself and his cronies from retribution for the Kargil adventure, Musharraf violated Article 6 of the Constitution overthrowing an elected government in 1999. The Supreme Court (SC) became abettors to the coup by default when they gave him legal cover under the […]