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Kapra Aur Makan

Countdown to Salvation

Notwithstanding PPP and ANP desperately trying to avoid impending rout by delaying the electoral process, approximately 86 million people will be eligible to decide the country’s fate on Saturday May 11, 2013. Kayani put to rest widespread doubts by reiterating the army’s commitment supporting the election schedule, 70000 troops fanning out to deploy in sensitive areas. 35 million voters of the 80 eligible (about 44%) exercised their right in 2008. Alongwith fake degrees a greater number of votes (37 million, 46%) being bogus and/or duplicate undermined the credibility of the “elected” Assemblies and served to show the disfigured face of our “democracy”. These “anomalies” have now been removed, to an extent. Given the ineffectiveness of the due diligence conducted by the ECP, these frauds will be soon be back in Parliament.


State of the Nation

The mobs venting their anger on Ms Benazir Bhutto’s assassination let loose an orgy of riot and mayhem, many took to the business of violence not only for looting and pillaging to enrich themselves but to take out their frustrations on those perceived living a life better than theirs. Anarchy threatened to engulf the entire land. We were in a state of shock, the state was in dire peril.