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John McCain


The timing of the death of soldier citizen John McCain has immense ramifications for the dangerous crossroads the US is placed in today. For me personally this extraordinary all-American defender of democracy and freedom symbolized the courage and fairplay that was synonymous with the American persona and character mostly on display in the 20th century, during and immediately after the two World Wars. That is not to say it does not exist, it does among a vast majority but is increasingly less on display. With emerging threats to its global leadership and to the principles for which the US once stood for in the free world, democratic rule, protection of individual rights and equal justice before law, “his death is either the passing of an era or the rekindling of American purpose”, to quote my good friend Fred Kempe, President Atlantic Council.


US Presidential Stakes

Even though most cannot really explain why, who the US President will be seems to really matter to the rest of the world.   The US Presidential Debates therefore excite much interest, many more outside the US see them within the US.  A young buoyant John Kennedy got the better of a seemingly tired Richard Nixon […]