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Fall of Granada

Walking Through History

Former EWI Board Member and a friend beyond compare Frank Neuman made me an offer I could not refuse, to spend a few days in his villa on the beach near Alicante on the eastern coast of Spain. Even though Frank is in-waiting for a complicated heart procedure he journeyed from New York to be physically present as our host, giving new meaning to the phrase ‘’an invitation from the heart’’. One cannot be grateful enough for the opportunity of visiting Granada 500 kms to the south and 100 kms to the north, Valencia. Once the German Ostrogoths (East Goths) (466-84) completed the conquest of whole of Spain, the Gothic and Romans lived 150 years under different codes till King Recceswinth imposed (c.654) a Visigothic common law on both. When King Roderick seized the throne early in the 8th century his rivals appealed to the Muslim leader Tarik Bin Ziyad, whose victory (711 AD) in a battle near Medina Sidonia ended the Visigothic kingdom and inaugurated the Moorish period.