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The French Connection

The dramatic electoral changes in Europe will likely effect other countries of the world, more because of France than Greece, and for different reasons. The two “left of centre” French Presidential candidates who could not survive the first round both endorsed François Hollande, rabidly Conservative Marie Le Pen did not support either. The close vote, Hollande 51.9% and Sarkozy 48.1%, meant the Conservative vote still went to Sarkozy but was not enough. Notwithstanding the Conservative govt in UK surviving the Local Council elections, the swing back to Labour, down and out only a couple of years ago, was a huge setback for PM David Cameron, both politically and personally. An emerging force to be reckoned with in the future, the Liberal Democrats were dragged back to the past. The common factor, in France, Greece or in the UK, those on the “left of centre” had reason to be more than satisfied.