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Anti-Narcotics Force

A State of Hypocrisy

What a travesty that Zardari, on Benazir’s death anniversary, should call former President Pervez Musharraf a “Billa” (tomcat) – one of those that come along and “drink all the milk”. While one could disagree with Pervez Musharraf on any number of counts (including the NRO that permitted Zardari another go at Pakistan’s treasure chest), Musharraf is not a thief.
Musharraf’s riposte about ascertaining which ‘Billa’ drank the most ‘milk’ was, therefore, most appropriate. The irony is that Zardari, who is normally liberal with the truth, should so brazenly taunt, by inference, the Pakistan Army. His PR types tried damage control by calling his remarks “allegorical”. Allegorical indeed!


The Curse Of Corruption-Part 2

Criminals and terrorists evade detection, arrest and punishment by easily operating across international borders, taking full advantage of the reluctance of law enforcement authorities to engage in complicated and expensive transnational investigations and prosecutions. Money is used to buy influence and power, imagine the potency of such illegals having, more often than not, the official […]



Addressing Parliament for the 6th time, President Zardari spoke of everything under the sun but the two major problems that have brought Pakistan economically, politically and morally to its knees, nepotism and corruption. We are certainly not a failed state but Zardari and party put us well on our way to becoming a criminal one. Aesop (620 BC – 520 BC), a Greek slave of possibly Ethiopian origin to whom many fables through the centuries are credited, observed 2500 years ago in 550 BC, “we hang petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office”. Persecuted and/or sidelined, precedents were set for public officials to not only wholeheartedly condone but expedite siphoning of public money. Money is not the only motivation for derailing evidence and prosecution thereof, fear of retribution can be. Chicago’s Al Capone was guilty many times over for publicly committing murder, witnesses would never testify against him out of fear for their lives, he would laugh at them in court.


What Lies Ahead

An imperfect electoral exercise copied from western models, our democracy has very little relevance to the local environment or the ‘genius of the people’. The ‘first-past-the-post-system’ does not ascertain the real majority, the ‘run-off’ measure does. Negating ‘proportional representation’ bedevils good governance.


The Agony about “Ecstasy”

Talking to the media, Col (Retd) Syed Akhtar Abbas, Director Legal of the Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), confirmed the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) probe into Pakistan’s import of “Ephedrine” during 2010 beyond its stipulated international quota. Published on its website the INCB 2011 report, said that it was “increasingly concerned about the diversion and attempted diversion of Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine in Pakistan that began emerging in 2010.” As a controlled chemical, “Ephedrine” is only allowed to be used internationally in prescribed quantities. To quote Abbas, “Only a miniscule portion (150 Kgs) of the actual stock that was received by two pharmaceutical companies (6500 Kgs and 2500 Kgs) – Berlex Labs of Multan and Danas Pvt Ltd of Islamabad – was actually used in preparing medicines, the rest of the controlled substance went ‘missing’. This was illegally smuggled, investigations show that approximately Rs.7 billion profit was made from the smuggled chemical”.