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At last count the Peshawar carnage of two days ago numbered 9 teachers and 132 children killed, 141 and still counting.  The incongruous thing is that “Talibaan” translated means “students”, can those who kill our schoolchildren be themselves called Talibaan? They should be called the devils (Shaitans) that they are.  The perverted ideology of such […]


Private Security Business

Good governance in any society requires the safety and well-being of its citizens, peace and harmony cannot be maintained in isolation by the law enforcement agencies (LEAs) alone. Personal security remains the responsibility of the individual, corporate body, establishment, etc in any country of the world. While private security has given significant support to the LEAs in reducing their workload maintaining law and order, governments all over the world are increasingly turning to it as a cost-effective means. In US, UK Europe, etc govts are increasingly giving policing functions to the private sector, handing over management of jails, investigation of crimes, patrolling of select places, etc.