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Lahore High Court


Consensus on matters ensuring security and welfare of the common man is rarely achieved by our Parliament. Such unanimity is only displayed when their own self-interest is at stake, like approving increments in their salary, added perks and privileges, etc. In October last year all the parliamentary parties banded together to delete as many as 19 declarations from the nomination papers to be submitted by candidates for the upcoming general elections, effectively eliminating key information about their education, close relatives, occupation, finances, net assets and liabilities, loan default, taxation returns and evasion thereof, criminal proceedings and business interests, etc. Unless they have something to hide what earthly reason can anyone have for not declaring truthful details about himself and his family?



Smashing more than half a dozen vehicles parked around the Minhajul Quran Secretariat on June 17 in Model Town Lahore under the rather benign patronage of the Punjab Police, the man who perpetrated the vandalism refuses to go away from the public eye. Ahsan Rana’s blog says that with 10,000 plus downloads of a game worded ‘Gullu’, the term may likely become a part of the Oxford Dictionary standing for the disruptive behaviour of someone enjoying (whether explicit or implicit) backing of the ruling/powerful segments of society. When anyone is threatened or harmed by the powerful figures in Pakistan and/or their cronies, their lackeys perpetrating that violence are now being referred to as ‘Gullus’, its usage needs no further explanation, being properly encoded and decoded by the public.


Protecting the Guards

A decade or so ago a joint venture foreign (JV) security company was using non-armoured vehicles (known as “soft” vehicles) to transport cash alongwith their armoured vans. Cash cannot be transported in quantity except in armoured vehicles, it is against the law but it costs 4-5 times more to operate an armoured vehicle over a soft vehicle. Over a period of several years more than 50 of their guards were killed and many more injured in various incidents when dacoits attacked their non-armoured vehicles and sprayed them with automatic fire. Ultimately when a girl bystander was killed in the crossfire between the company guards and dacoits in a busy street in Lahore, the Lahore High Court (LHC) took serious notice and ordered compensation.