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The periodic ups and downs in US-Pakistan relationship, alternating approximately in 10 years cycles since 1971, has had us going from being the “cornerstone” of US foreign policy to being its “gravestone”. Do the decision makers at our highest levels at various institutions of state have a coherent strategy in place that they do not want to share with us or are they being simply complacent?


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Visiting China is a never ending revelation, the amazing 7.7% growth rate in a sluggish global economy is considered “disappointing”. Of China’s 31 Provinces, Guangdong has the highest GDP, US$ 960 billion with a growth rate of 8.2% while Tibet lags behind lowest with 12% growth rate and a GDP of US$ 11 billion. Guizhou Province has the highest growth rate 12%, bordering Pakistan vastly underdeveloped Xinjiang is 25th at US$ 121 billion and a 12% growth rate. The expanse of the two bustling ever-growing mega cities of Beijing or Shanghai, not counting the two dozen cities or more well on their way to becoming, is truly outstanding with enormous public infra-structure delivering efficient services to its citizens.