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Creeping Anarchy

Originating from multiple sources, the creeping anarchy in the country is systematic and constant. Democracy (“the best revenge”) being a convenient camouflage for their ulterior motives, different militant groups have taken advantage of the turmoil to push their own agendas. Political patronage has allowed hundreds of target killers to walk free in Karachi despite being caught red-handed. Justice being subverted is not an inconvenient secret anymore, the blatant display of political power is deliberately misused under the convenient garb of a democracy of the feudals, by the feudals and for the feudals. Under Supreme Court (SC) monitoring, the Rangers did a terrific job for several months in 2011. Without continuing support of activist judicial steam, the Rangers success came back to square one.


Feudalism Stunts Democracy

The historian Marc Bloch defined “feudal society” as a warrior aristocracy bound by vassalage. A lord was a noble who held land, the land was called a fief. Those granted possession by the lord were called vassals, expected to give service to their lord. Wealth was derived from agriculture organized not by market forces but by customary labor services owed by serfs to landowning nobles.