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Concentrate on the song, not the singer

The good governance for which ‘Tahir Square’ reverberated last month is what the great silent majority of Pakistanis earnestly desire – a genuine grassroots democracy instead of the elaborate farce in place. Dr Qadri surfed the public imagination by advocating this with his ‘dharna’ in Islamabad last month.


March Madness in January

Considered the usual month for political madness in Pakistan, March came early this year, the turmoil complicated by election year factors. The obstacles of the Federal and Punjab Governments notwithstanding, the Tehreek-i-Minhajul Quran (TMQ) “Long March” came nowhere near the “million” mark claimed by Dr Qadri, People in small numbers kept joining those assembled in the kilometer plus D Square space in front of Parliament in Islamabad, by late afternoon Tuesday the calculation was closer to 100000 plus/minus.