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Line of Control

Kargil Heights

The successful first three years of his civilian rule notwithstanding, Musharraf failed to give his own core constituency the leadership and direction they deserved for their unswerving loyalty to him while he was COAS. This unquestioning blind loyalty of the Pakistan Army to their COAS has kept Zardari in office as President. Musharraf did not totally ignore merit in promotion to higher rank but he gave loyalty far more weightage. Beyond Brigadier’s rank, personal featly to him mattered far more. More importantly only a handful he promoted to three stars rank had combat experience, no surprise that none of his Kargil-boys, Mahmood, Aziz and Javed Hassan did. Known to be personally close to Musharraf, his recent diatribe has badly exposed Shahid Aziz as being disloyal to his mentor. His aura for being egoistic and arrogant notwithstanding, this man had a good reputation for professionalism. What is very strange is how he can as Chief of the General Staff (CGS) deny knowledge of the US Air Force using Jacobabad only much after it became operational in 2001 for the US war in Afghanistan. A recent “Letter to the Editor” by Col (Retd) Shah Ali Raza rightly labelled it “a pack of lies”, the CGS necessarily is the man most informed in GHQ about operational and intelligence matters through a multitude of his own reporting channels and independent sources.