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Khawaja Nazimuddin

The Helpless Tending the Hapless

After sacking politician Khawaja Nazimuddin as PM a year or so after they successfully conned him into vacating the Governor General’s chair for bureaucrat Ghulam Mohammad in 1951, the superior bureaucracy proceeded over the years to usurp the rights of all other services who were not in the Civil Services of Pakistan (CSP), ie customs, income tax, police, secretariat group, commerce and trade and railway officers, but mainly the Provincial Civil Services (PCS) officers etc. CSP cultivated good relations with the Army with the sop of 10 % quota in the successor District Management Group (DMG), police and Foreign Service, even bringing the C-in-C of the Army at one stage into the Federal Cabinet. The minority Federal bureaucrats imposed blatant discrimination on their majority Provincial “colleagues”, how can good governance be possible at the grassroots level? Sub-judice before the Supreme Court (SC), the DMG is successfully prevaricating by keeping “agreements” that gave them untold power as “state secrets”.