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Randall Bennett


Those really guilty are shedding crocodile tears at the judgement pronounced in the Ms Benazir murder case while laughing themselves all the way to their billion dollar sinecures spread all over the world. One must quote extracts from “Taking up the Sword”, (outskirts Press 2013) written book by security professional extraordinary Randall Bennett of the US Diplomatic Service, Regional Security Officer (RSO) in Karachi from 1998 to 2002 and then the Senior RSO in Islamabad from 2007 to 2008. An outstanding individual by any conceivable measure, Randall’s credibility is way above par. Readers can draw their own conclusions about who are the real guilty person/s.


Tragedy Waiting to Happen

However security guards were involved, therefore one must look at all the aspects of personal protection afresh, particularly when it involves the security and safety of important persons. There are a lot of books and material about security protection, unfortunately most of these are written by those who have learnt their security as a subject in a classroom and have never put theory into practice. While personal protection is a specialised subject, security professionals are very reluctant to disclose details about the nature and modus operandi of their job mostly because of the confidential nature of their business; at most times they are prevented by law and the rules governing their employment.